Thursday, April 28, 2011

Coachella 11'

"I breached the 4th wall last night while melting to Presets and found myself dead center in the collective subconscious of our weird and wild generation. Jesus was there smoking a joint with John Lennon, and they both were stoked with how the Arcade Fire set went the previous evening. Eventually I descended back to Earth to find myself smacking on chewing gum while smoking a ciggy and grinning like an idiot. It was then I thought to myself, "you sandbagging son of bitch, you're going to survive this shit again." Thanks to all who made my trip more memorable. I will never feel normal in any environment unless I am at the middle right of it, and I know thats where I'll find you." - Nick Foster

Aussies doing it right the first time


Palmer ...and he tipped his hat.



Makes me soo happy
Foster the People had a slow start but then turned it on

Shmitty the Serial Killer

Almost time to go to bed RVCHILD
The Strokes Crew
Im still hearing these beats in my sleep at night...

Lar Dog Killin It
Where's RVCHILD?

The Presets - My People

Good Night RVCHILD